How to Make Your Child Leave the Diaper

You’re probably one of those mothers who want your child out of diapers as soon as possible (I think we all want to stop changing dirty diapers fast).

But, you have to keep in mind that the diaper issue doesn’t just involve you, yes, I know it’s annoying to make 3 or 4 diaper changes a day (even more), but in this case, it’s your child who has to be prepared to stop.

What you can do is help your child be ready to leave the diaper as soon as possible.

This is a process that involves time and a lot of patience, but we are going to help you make it easier by simplifying everything for you.

Let’s look at 5 effective steps to get your child out of the diaper

1. It is time to stop the diaper

It is time to stop the diaper
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The first thing you have to do is identify if it is time for your child to leave the diaper, when your baby turns one year old, he knows if he wants to pee or poop, he is not necessarily ready to take responsibility for controlling it and go to the bathroom alone.

Some kids are ready by the year, others by 18 months, and some can be as young as 3 years old and still not ready.

So if you can identify this, you won’t spend months trying to teach him without good results.

But you’re wondering, how do I identify if my child is ready?

He already knows how to pull his pants up and down.

Obey simple instructions.

Sits and stands up without help.

He lets you know when he has done something.
At this point, what you should do is very simple Ask! After your child turns 1 year old, ask (always) if he/she wants to go to the bathroom.

2. Be prepared

Be prepared
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Before your child prepares to leave the diaper, you should do it yourself, buy a potty first, if you want him to learn to go to the bathroom by himself, start with the potty and when he masters it, move to the adjustable toilet seat.

Some children may be afraid of the potty, but this is because of the pressure from parents or the way it is presented, if it is colorful and shows more as a game will be much easier, remember that children learn better by playing, so teach it to him and make him sit on it with clothes, little by little you will remove the diaper and give more instructions.

3. Show her how to do it

Show her how to do it
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When your child is fully accustomed to sitting with their clothes on the potty, you can start explaining to them how it’s done. Children love to imitate adults, so take advantage of this to help them learn good things.

It is good to leave him/her a few hours without a diaper and with the potty very close to him/her, that way he/she will know that if he/she feels like it he/she will be able to sit down and do it there (if it is a child, it is easier for him/her to learn to pee sitting down first and then you can teach him/her the rest), most likely at this stage accidents will happen, don’t blame your child for this, it is completely normal and your reaction will be of vital importance.

You can’t scold him if he fails the first few days, but remember to ask him if he wants to go to the bathroom and reassure him that he has his potty for when he wants to go.

Encourage your child to do this on his own. If he needs your help, show him you are there, but encourage him to take off his pants and sit on the potty without your help.

4. Training underwear

It is much easier than these days of training for your child to leave the diaper, to use only underwear if you indoors forget that put a dress, with high socks or pants with straps, leave it in underwear that is easy to raise and lower, there are some that are training and are quite absorbent, will help you avoid “accidents”.

5. Celebrate when you make it

Celebrate when you make it
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There is nothing more effective for your child to leave the diaper than to motivate it, when it manages to use the potty, make him notice that he has done something good, with positive stimuli will be much easier to repeat this action, a hug, a kiss, sing a song and if, give him some treats or cookies (and no, we’re not raising a puppy, but this applies even today in our adult lives, if your boss gives you a bonus when you achieve something big in your job, you’ll be motivated to reach stronger and stronger goals to get another bonus, won’t you? ).

Getting your child out of the diaper is not easy, but if you follow these 5 steps it will be less complicated, don’t get frustrated if the grandparents tell you that you left the diaper before you walked or something (it’s the grandparents’ job to put pressure on the parents, don’t worry).

All human beings think and act differently, but the important thing is that you learn from your child’s behavior and are always there to correct it in time and teach it the right things.

Translated and adapted by Limepedia staff.

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