10 Tips to Avoid Cigarettes Forever

Have you managed to quit smoking? Are you seriously trying? Help yourselves, don’t sing victory, and first of all don’t waste the hard work done so far. In general, experts say that in order to consider yourself an ex-smoker and enter a sustainable lifestyle, it must be at least twelve months since you lit your last cigarette. But unfortunately, even after a year, there is an old rule that must be kept in mind: more than quitting, with smoking it is difficult not to start again.

How to not resume smoking

So here are 10 precious and simple tips to help you not to fall into temptation and not to resume your smoking lifestyle.

Not even a shot

It may seem an exaggerated, obsessive prescription. It does not. Smoking is really very seductive, and even one hit can bring you closer to cigarettes. It usually happens after dinner, when you are in a pleasant company, and one of the diners puts his pack of cigarettes under your nose with a polite invitation: “Come on, just take a hit…”. That’s the moment when you have to say “no, thank you” loud and clear.

Super alcohol and coffee

What did you combine the largest number of smoked cigarettes with? Ask yourself this question and draw the consequences. If, for example, yours was the classic ritual, which started in the morning as soon as you got up, with the coffee-cigarette combination, then reverse the habits. Avoid coffee, especially at cigarette time, and replace it with other drinks (even tea) until you are sure you can avoid the combination. Same for the evening, with super spirits. And remember: it’s just a matter of habits. And then you won’t think about the cigarette anymore, not even in combination with coffee and alcohol.

Places frequented by smokers

There are places particularly frequented by smokers. Since they are not allowed to suck cigarettes in certain areas, for example in restaurants or public places, smokers make their gatherings where there are no prohibitions. Respect their choices, but avoid being part of the group, so you will not have any temptation with which to measure yourself.

In your own home

Here the theme is delicate, as it also brings your hospitality into play. In general, polite and generous hosts leave guests free to do what they want in the house. They are also free to smoke.  But if you have recently become an ex-smoker, you can ask everyone to smoke outside of the house. And don’t come back until three minutes after your last puff. This is the time calculated by a group of researchers at the Istituto Tumori di Milano during which the significant emission of fine dust through the breath continues. It is called residual tobacco smoke.

What if you give in once? 

It can happen, do not dramatize, and do not consider yourself already defeated. On the contrary: in this case, it is only a matter of circumscribing the episode and investigating its causes on the fly. A moment of extra nervousness, a desire that has resurfaced after months of hibernation, a proof of your tenacity. In any case, do not give too much importance to the fall, and resume the interrupted road. As a former smoker.

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10 Tips to Avoid Cigarettes Forever


How to avoid smoking

Candies and licorice

During the first months of your new life as an ex-smoker, candy and licorice can be useful to block the craving for cigarettes. However, know that this craving, even if it is very strong, lasts very little, and so it can really disappear in a few minutes.

Never buy cigarettes

There are former smokers who challenge themselves. They buy a pack of cigarettes and always carry it with them so that if they give in, they have the cigarette at hand. It is a very risky tug-of-war, with which you put your willpower to the test. Avoid it, and be content to have quit smoking. That is the victory that counts.

The motivations

The economic advantage

It is impossible not to reap the benefits for your body when you quit smoking. Everything improves, from breathing to lack of sleepiness. Every once in awhile remember these benefits, to motivate your choice of life as an ex-smoker. And put the economic aspect first as well. A smoker, on average, spends about 1,500-2,000 euros per year. You are no longer wasting this money.

Pleasant activities 

Rather than thinking about what you were like as a smoker, try to replace the time spent on cigarettes with pleasant activities. Able to release endorphins, fight nervousness and give you a good bath. Let’s talk about a nice walk, a swim in the pool, a tennis ball, gymnastics in the gym. Everything better than smoking.

No importance to the cigarette

Remember Dante who said: “Don’t worry about them, but watch and pass”. With cigarettes, especially when we decided to end the game with vice, you always have to play ahead of time. And don’t give any importance to the nicotine aspirate. At that point, you will be aware that smoking in your life has been only a parenthesis of waste.   

Translated and adapted by Limepedia staff.

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