How to Face the Fear of the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world and has already killed more than 1 million people around the globe has not only affected people’s physical health. But in many cases, the psychological one.

The fear of uncertainty, not knowing what will happen or when it will end, are doubts that have often monopolized the thoughts of millions of people around the world.

The fear of uncertainty
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It is a very natural feeling, in short, it is the fear of the unknown. Usually, we are used to a daily routine that tells us what to do and how to do it.

What the pandemic brought

The pandemic came to break those patterns. We do not want to ignore the tragic situation of those who have lost loved ones to COVID 19, but it is our job to highlight those emotional and mental ailments that this virus brought with it.

The word “resilience” has been widely used in recent months. With it, we want to mark the ability of people to overcome traumatic situations, such as the loss of a family member, work, love, etc.

Although people are always urged to be strong and to use this word in their lives, the forced loneliness that we have sometimes had to face due to quarantines diminishes this intrinsic capacity that we all have to overcome adversities.

Therefore, the first thing to know, and fundamentally to accept, is that the fear of the unknown, of the new, and of course of something we don’t like and was imposed on us out of necessity, is a very natural and genuine feeling. It is not healthy to repress it, but on the contrary, to exteriorize it and understand it.

The fear of uncertainty
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That fear that sometimes seems to be paralyzing, if understood as such, comes to make us understand the finiteness of our existence and focuses us on our body and mind.

To make a healthy and comforting process, it is then fundamental to understand that fear and build from it with the intention of ending up eradicating it from our lives. It is harmful to feed on it.

How to deal with fear

But what is healthy is to be able to understand the situation coldly, analyze it, channel it, and build from it. A healing process for this reality that we have to live, is to be able to recompose the wounds of the past that surely we were dragging and that our vertiginousness of the day today, we had never been able to face with clarity and time.

What is important in this situation, and that can even be a moment of restraint in our busy lives, is to understand that our time is extremely valuable and to heal, to create, it is essential to love yourself and focus on you.

How to deal with fear
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The pandemic, then, and the quarantines, must be those spaces that were imposed on us but which we must capitalize on. Rebuilding those places where we were not quite strong. Learning new things, visualizing with hope a not too remote and promising future. Projecting.

Never losing focus on reality, but knowing that every state of time is transient. That will give us the guideline of our finitude and at the same time of our immense creativity and possibility. And yes, of course, and if necessary, to be able to put into practice that famous word so fashionable these days: resilience.

Translated and adapted by Limepedia staff.

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