How to Recycle Old Bed Nets

If you have old mattress supports in the house do not throw them away because even such a voluminous object can be recycled to become something useful and completely new. Creative recycling offers the possibility to look at many objects with different eyes and to create aesthetically beautiful and very functional things.

Recycling bed nets

Let’s see together what are the objects that can be created by recycling mattress nets.

  • If you want to make space in the house to hang various objects or utensils, you can use an old mattress net, without spending unnecessary money in supermarkets. Retrieve it and restore it perhaps painting it in the color you prefer. After that, get two stops, some hooks, and tube clamps. Then, fix the top of the bedspring with the stops painted in the same color as the bedspring. Then, take some glass or tin cans and make them into containers to hang on the rate using clamps on the top. To attach the straps to the spring of the net, use twine.
  • A mattress bed base can also become a beautiful notice board. Paint the net, not before you have restored it, and then use magnets, pegs, and even hooks to attach and hang all the objects you want. You can also do the same thing in the kitchen, where the net, placed on the wall, becomes very original support for pots, pans, and shelves on which to store your spices.
  • You can also hang the net on the ceiling and turn it into a chandelier, put a light cloth between the net and the bulbs then decorated with fir branches, to make the most of the chandelier.
  • You can also use your abandoned net as a clothes hanger, maybe hanging it from the ceiling. Get some metal chains and fix them to the four sides of the net. The other part of the chains should be fixed to the ceiling where you have already put six hooks. This structure will be used to hang the hangers-on which you will have placed clothes, jackets, shirts, and all those clothes that you have to hang.
  • With a bed base that you no longer use you can also create a beautiful metal wall to be placed in the garden and on which you will grow climbing plants to adorn it. An interesting idea that can be realized with extreme ease.
  • The old wire mesh of the bed is also exposed in the living room to give the environment a mood “industrial” or “radical chic” and hang on it sheets, memos, keys, in short everything you want to keep at hand.
How to Recycle Old Bed Nets
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