How to Remove Onion Smell From Hair After Applying

It’s easy to learn how to remove the onion smell from the hair after applying it. Onion is a great cooking ingredient that stands out for its strong smell and delicious taste, but it also offers great hair care benefits, including promoting hair growth, helping to fight dandruff, decreasing hair loss, providing protection against lice, among others.  For all this, it turns out to be an ingredient quite used to perform natural treatments for the scalp, with the only disadvantage that commonly after being removed its peculiar smell remains present even if a proper washing has been done and makes us desperately looking for how to remove the onion smell from the hair after applying it.

How to Remove Onion Smell From Hair After Applying
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To know how to remove the onion scent from the hair after applying it, one of the options we can try is to use a citrus mask on the hair, or directly apply a little lemon juice, which should then be removed with plenty of warm water, this helps to cut and remove any trace of bad odors, and also to provide an extra touch of shine and softness. Another option that will also eliminate the smell of your hair giving the extra benefit of promoting growth is to prepare an infusion of rosemary with mint and apply it to the hair, these plants have a strong but pleasant smell that will neutralize without problems that of the onion.

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Finally, if you haven’t managed to remove the onion smell from your hair after applying it, you can try adding one or two spoonfuls of bicarbonate to your shampoo bottle, as it has known qualities to eliminate unpleasant smells, and with this, you will make sure that your hair is always free of them. And if you prefer or need to get rid of the bad smell quickly, you can buy a fragrance or specialized hair spray that gives you a pleasant smell whenever you want and helps you hide any trace almost instantly.

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