How to Keep Mosquitoes Away with Cinnamon

The rainy season attracts a large number of flying insects, so it is necessary to keep the mosquitoes away with cinnamon, lemon, or any other homemade ingredient, in case you do not have insecticides or, like many people, prefer the most natural and economical methods, because these insects can be not only annoying with their buzzing and biting, but also dangerous for spreading diseases when feeding on the blood of our family.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away with Cinnamon
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Why cinnamon keeps away insects

How to keep mosquitoes away with cinnamon, is a very effective method, known for many years, since its effectiveness is not overshadowed by the bad odors of insecticides, nor the allergies that these cause too many people. The reason why mosquitoes hate cinnamon is very simple, they are not able to support its smell, which helps to inhibit their senses, thus avoiding that they can detect the environment, so they simply move away from the place treated with this ingredient.

Preparation of repellent

If we only put this ingredient around the house, it is impossible to keep the mosquitoes away with cinnamon, so we must prepare an effective repellent based on it. The most effective method is to use concentrated cinnamon oil, which is very economical and can be found in herbalists or prepared at home, although you can also grind cinnamon into a fine powder for this purpose. Simply add a spoonful of cinnamon (powder or oil) to a spray bottle, add half a liter of water, and 50 ml of alcohol to disinfect.

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How to use the repellent

This mixture is effective, to keep away the mosquitoes with cinnamon, from any surface and room of the house, also, because it does not have chemicals or toxic substances, it is very effective if poured a little on the skin or clothes, using the spray to spread it, so it works perfectly as a homebody repellent, scaring away the mosquitoes while, at least for humans, it leaves a pleasant aroma where it is used.

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