Make Up Eyes with Eyeshadow – Which Color Suits My Eyes?

When we look around the drugstore, we feel like in paradise when it comes to the variety of make-up. Bright, shrill colors shine from every corner. So it’s no wonder that you want to try out a little bit yourself. But even with eye make-up, there are colors that suit you better or not. Which eyeshadow colors go with which eye color, we will now explain to you in more detail.  

Nude shades, neon, glittering shrill colors, or very dark shades – the color palette is getting bigger and more colorful every year. Which color shades make our eyes shine particularly beautifully and which colors are less flattering to our eyes? Here are the answers!

Which eye shadow for blue eyes?

If you have blue eyes, you should definitely emphasize them! With the right eyeshadow colors, you can skillfully show off the beautiful eye color. The following shades go particularly well with blue eyes:  

Brown, apricot, light, and dark purple tones emphasize the iris especially well.  

Which colors do you prefer to leave out for blue eyes?

Blue and green colors compete too much with your own eye color, so make-up artists advise against using these shades as eye shadows. If you want to make up Smokey Eyes, you should not use black eye shadow directly for blue eyes. With blue eyes, dark, warm color shades such as brown or pink work excellently as Smokey Eyes!

Which eyeshadow for brown eyes?

For brown eyes, there are countless possibilities of colors and color combinations! Brown eyes go well with brown colors, as well as blue, purple, or green eye shadows! There are no limits to the eye color in terms of eye make-up. Who decides on a day eye make-up, can use warm brown tones. For evening make-up, you can also choose more striking colors. Metallic, glitter, gold, or bronze – everything is allowed and will make the brown eyes sparkle and shine.  

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Which eye shadow goes well with green eyes?  

Did you know that only about two percent of the entire world population is blessed with green eyes? This eye color is therefore very special! And to make them shine especially, we use the right colors. Beautiful and earthy tones, such as brown, Bordeaux, or mauve tones are exactly the colors that emphasize the beautiful green in your eyes. You can also include delicate pink and gold nuances in your eye make-up routine.  

If you want to make up your eyes to Smokey Eyes in the evening, we recommend you use the dark violin and grey tones of the palette. To give your evening eye make-up a glamorous touch, you can also try gold and bronze as eye shadow.  

Which colors are an absolute no-go for eye shadow?

As we mentioned above, we are never bored in the beauty world. New colors are combined and wild looks are created. Of course, the above-mentioned eye shadow colors are only a recommendation for you. These colors are determined according to the complementary color palette. You can still put on make-up the way you like it best! If you are in the mood for neon pink, you should of course also use it. 

Translated and adapted by Limepedia staff.

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