How to Paint a Dark Furniture in Light Colors

How to paint dark furniture in light, surely you have tired of the dark color of your furniture and want to give it a new shade, which is generally lighter is white. And it will not matter what type of paint you use, it will be a little complicated. But do not worry you got to the right place I’ll give you a series of tricks that you can use to achieve it.

How to Paint a Dark Furniture in Light Colors
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The first recommendation is to not sand it

This suggestion is especially valid if the furniture to be sanded is a piece of furniture that does not have much use and does not need to be sanded. When a piece of furniture is sanded, there is a risk of yellow or red stains appearing after the paint dries. Generally, these stains are the paint on the wood that exceeds the color of the new paint.

Another suggestion and not less important, use primer

How to paint a dark piece of furniture in the light? One of the things you must take into account to achieve this is to apply primer, regardless of the furniture that is. Remember that the primer prepares the wood for the following steps. It is recommended that you apply this sealer to the wood, which will allow you to obtain a better finish since it will make it easier to achieve a more uniform color.

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Apply three or more coats of paint        

It may be that two coats of paint may be sufficient. But we recommend that you pass at least three coats so that the color fits you perfectly and you don’t even notice that it had a dark color before. This is one of the determining steps that will help you answer the question of How to paint a dark piece of furniture in the light?

We do not recommend painting the inside of the furniture

It is not recommended that you paint the interior of the furniture. When I talk about the interior of the furniture I am referring to the inside of the drawers and doors. It is good to leave it in its original color and that will prevent the pieces from not running well and getting stuck. In this way, you have the steps that will allow you to respond to How to paint a dark piece of furniture in the light? All you have to do is enjoy your new piece of furniture.

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