How to Paint Hollow Bricks

Although not recommended, some fashions and styles of decoration, require a knowledge of how to paint hollow brick, since the texture of the same, once embellished the joints between bricks, is presented as an image increasingly popular for interior walls. Therefore, the preparation, cleaning, and maintenance of the wall, before and after painting, must be carried out effectively, so that the beauty of this style is not lost.

How to Paint Hollow Bricks
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Before painting

The first step to learn how to paint hollow brick, is the cleaning and preparation of the space of this material, because, although it is not as porous as the common mass brick, it usually collects large amounts of dust, which, if not removed, will prevent the proper adhesion of the paint. Therefore, with a wet cloth, we will clean the dust and dirt from the brick, also, to achieve the correct aesthetics, we will fill the joints with mastic for works, in a uniform way, in order to cover flaws or cracks.

Apply the primer

For those who know about painting work, wall primer counts as one of the most important processes, since it not only improves the subsequent application and uniformity of the paint but also saves the use of several capable of it. Its application is simple, once the brick and the putty are dry, use a roller to completely cover the space with the coat of primer, likewise, apply it in the joints to maintain the color of the putty.

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Application of the paint

Once the primer is dry, we will find bricks of uniform color, which can be applied, with a roller, the preferred interior paint, either water or oil-based, latex, or acrylic. It should always be applied to move the roller in the same direction, so the paint looks perfect, also if you have learned how to paint hollow brick, keep in mind that there are 2 style options, you can paint the joints of the same color for a uniform wall, leave them with the primer or use another color for a more original style.

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