How To Choose The Make-up That You Need

Surprisingly, there are a lot of women who are less concerned with make-up and more focused on naturalness – which we are an absolute fan of! But sometimes you feel like putting on make-up after all.

Even when we ask our friends about it, they always reply that their girlfriend uses “just some cream and a foundation”. But this “some” should be better explained! After all, every skin is different and the make-up has to be adapted to their own skin needs. That’s why the guide for make-up beginners comes now!

Make-up for Beginners: These are the 5 must-haves in the cosmetic bag!

1st Foundation

The foundation can also come in the form of a BB-Cream. There are now countless alternatives and textures of the foundations in the beauty cosmos. No wonder that one quickly loses track. For beginners, we clearly recommend a foundation that can be applied and veneered with just one finger. After all, you have to feel your way slowly before you get to the brushes!

2nd Concealer

Besides the Foundation there is also a Concealer, which is indispensable! The concealer not only conceals small redness but also dark shadows around the eyes. The concealer should also be liquid in order to work it in well with your own fingers.

3rd Rouge

A rouge conjures up a vital complexion. When applied correctly, it can even accentuate the cheekbones properly and make your face look less radiant!

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4. Eyebrow gel

An eyebrow gel is a must-have! Above all, it can be applied very quickly and is totally uncomplicated to use. The beauty trend with bushy eyebrows has lasted for years thanks to Cara Delevingne and Lilly Collins! Apply the eyebrow gel to your eyebrows and comb them slightly upwards. In the gel, you will find dark color pigments, which accentuate your eyebrows even more. The gel makes sure that the individual hairs stay where you want them to be.

5. Mascara

Mascara should be chosen wisely! Because the mascara should skillfully emphasize our beautiful eyes and set them in the right light. The mascara should not clump and should hold well throughout the day. Some mascaras leave dark shadows under the eyes after a short time.

How do I remove my make-up?

The removal of make-up is done in three steps: cleaning, clearing, and care. First of all, mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow should be removed. For this, we use a mild cleansing oil, which we put on an absorbent cotton pad. Instead of rubbing, we gently dab until everything is removed. Then we snatch a mildly formulated cleansing foam. With this, we remove the make-up residue from the entire face. In the next step, you can reach for a facial tonic, which is supposed to remove the very last remains of the make-up and clarify it. Then we apply a regenerating night cream.

Translated and adapted by Limepedia staff. 

Sources: Jolie