How To Make Flaxseed Oil

If you’re wondering how to make flaxseed oil, we have the answer. Flaxseed, also called linseed, has an incredible amount of beneficial properties for health, such as being a rich source of vitamin E, as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, but it is also recognized for its qualities in the world of aesthetics, since its oil is often used to help nourish all types of hair, causing many people to look for ways to make flaxseed oil at home and thus obtain its benefits in the most natural way possible.

How To Make Flaxseed Oil
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Whatever the reason that motivates you to use this oil, you should know that the process of how to make linseed oil is a little complicated and you do not get a huge amount of it in exchange for a kilogram of seeds, for this reason, it is easier and more practical to access it by buying it at the supermarket. But if you still want to experiment and try your luck at making your own flaxseed oil you will need a press, a filter, and 1 kg of flaxseed.

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The process consists of passing the seeds through the press or mill, seeking to extract its oil in the purest possible way, in this step you can try to add a little heat to obtain a somewhat greater amount of oil. After finishing pressing the seeds, the resulting liquid should be filtered to eliminate the remains of seeds and there obtain the finished product that should be stored preferably in a glass jar.

Another way to obtain the benefits of linseed and its oil for aesthetic uses is to boil two cups of water together with a teaspoon of clove (so that the oil lasts longer). Once boiling, add 4 or 5 spoonfuls of flaxseeds to the pot, let it boil for a time of 2 minutes, or until when you lift the spoon the liquid falls in threads of gel. When it is ready, remove it from the heat and let it cool down so that the mixture reaches its final texture. After that, it must be packed in glass.

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