How to Grow Burnt Eyelashes

Eyelashes are similar to hair. They go through varying periods of growth, meaning that they fall out and grow back. However, there are reasons why they fall out more than normal. One of them is burns, which often occur by accident. In this article we will show you how to grow burned eyelashes and get out of this predicament as best you can.

How to Grow Burnt Eyelashes
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Important things to know

An eyelash burn is often very worrying and for some people, traumatic. However, if the eyelashes are burned but the follicles are perfect, they will grow back in about 6 weeks. But if your hair follicles were damaged, it’s very likely that your eyelashes won’t grow back. This would be a serious problem because eyelashes protect your eyes from UV rays and impurities in the environment.

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Growth Cycle

If your eyelashes have been completely burned, this is the mechanism you will go through: it can take 30 to 45 days for a follicle to complete its growth stage. This is called the anagen phase. From that point on, the follicle will continue to develop over the next 14 to 21 days, in the catagen phase. From that point on, the eyelash will release on its own. Now let’s look at how to grow burned eyelashes.

Recommendations for improving burned eyelashes

First and foremost, good nutrition is essential to regaining healthy eyelashes so eat foods rich in keratin such as fish, eggs, chicken, rice, and legumes. As for natural remedies, there are many options. Coconut oil is effective for growing burned eyelashes. It’s very simple, just hold a swab or eyelash brush and put some coconut oil on it.

Then carefully rub it into the root of your eyelashes, on your eyelid. We recommend that you do it from the root and reach what is left of the tip. Do this treatment during the day and at night. Its high amount of protein and easy absorption makes it perfect for growing burnt eyelashes.

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