How to Make Orchids Bloom

As you know I am a fan of flowers and one of my favorites are the orchids, I became fond of these plants years ago, some of the ones I have at home are more than seven years old and fortunately still alive, and they also flower every year.

The orchids, although they look delicate, are some very easy to care for plants and with only three key points to fulfill they will be beautiful and will flower for sure.

1. Light, not sun

Orchids need lots of light, but not direct sun.

The ideal is to place them near the window so that they have a lot of clarity but not the direct sun. If you have a north-facing window, that light is perfect.

At home we have them in a room that is oriented to the north, I would have liked more to have them in the dining room, I had them there for a while and they almost died. The dining room is oriented to the south and the light is too intense, plus we opened the window more frequently which caused them to be in current.

How to Make Orchids Bloom
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2. Little water but a lot of humidity

The way orchids are watered is very important, because like every plant, they need light and water. The only thing is that the water needs it in the right measure, but it is necessary to keep it at a high level of humidity.

From my experience with these flowers, I recommend bathing them once a week.


Normal watering can cause the roots to rot and the plant to be damaged, so it is best to immerse them in water.

My technique is very rudimentary, but it works for me. Once a week I put water in the kitchen sink and submerge them for a while. Then I remove the water and leave them at least an hour in the sink without water so they can remove all the excess they have.

How to Make Orchids Bloom
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3. In a group is better

Orchids are plants that are much more comfortable in groups, so if you have more than one, put them all together, this way you will create a microclimate that will favor the humidity levels for the orchids.

If you only have one, try to put some green plants around it, and don’t forget to spray it with water every other day to maintain the optimal humidity level.

Our heating system has independent radiators in each room, the radiator in this room is always turned off. I recommend that you do not have them in a room with heating or air conditioning.

Orchids have aerial roots and this can sometimes make us confuse a new root with a new rod.

When the new sticks appear, they must be directed with the help of a tutor (stick) so that the stick is straight and the flowering is much nicer.

The way the orchids reproduce is through Keiki, a small leaf appears on a stick and this leaf later develops its own roots, this is a mini orchid.

How to Make Orchids Bloom
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Translated and adapted by Limepedia staff.

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