How to Use Toothpaste for Hair

Some alternative uses of various products, such as toothpaste for hair, are really surprising, not only because, to be honest, it is difficult to imagine that they have any function, but actually, once tested they are really effective in such utilities. If you remember Murphy’s law, you’ll notice how true it is that some things, although perhaps not better in actions different from those they were designed for, are always good alternatives for things outside their usual use.

How to Use Toothpaste for Hair
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Eliminate gray hair

There are several homemade recipes for, more or less effectively, reducing gray hair without the use of dyes, and among these, you can apply toothpaste for hair as a good method, although not by itself. The idea is to mix the juice of an onion, well liquefied and strained or grated, to use only the liquid, with the juice of half a lemon and a spoonful of toothpaste; this you apply on the scalp, in a uniform way and completely, massaging it while you let it act up to an hour, before removing and washing well.

Replace hair gel

Many times, one of the appropriate ways to maintain a good hairstyle is the use of a fixative gel or, as it is known in other countries, gelatin or hair gel, this is a specific product that slightly solidifies and maintains the shape of the hairstyle. However, and although not highly recommended, this product can be replaced, as toothpaste for hair, with a gel paste, which has a compound similar to gel and can be used in this way in case of emergency.

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Hair Color Stain Remover Paste

Some components of the compound have proven to be effective in removing stains, so they are good for removing dye, which, through a reaction of its elements, is easily removed after the use of toothpaste for hair. It is very effective to use the same on the skin, if the dye stained your hands or neck, and even on clothing.

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