The Benefits of Activated charcoal and Egg Mask

Especially for women, having a face free of imperfections is important because it represents our letter of introduction to the world. Because of this, we spend a lot of money on easy products to clean our skin. However, there are always things that are present, such as blackheads. We will tell you how to make an active carbon and egg mask to forget about them.

The Benefits of Activated charcoal and Egg Mask
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What are blackheads?

They are obstructions of the skin pores that appear thanks to the formation of fat in the skin. They are called blackheads because the pore, which is open, is blocked by a kind of black plug. They are very common in adolescence and may continue to appear in adulthood, especially if our skin is oily and/or we do not follow a proper hygiene routine.

To eliminate them, dermatologists recommend the use of a special soap for oily hair, exfoliants, and creams that control the production of fat. However, combining this with natural treatment is very effective so let’s learn how to make an active carbon and egg mask to get those blackheads out at the root.

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To prepare this activated carbon and egg mask, we are going to mix 5 activated carbon capsules and one egg in a container. We mix everything with the help of a brush and apply it to the face, taking care of the eyes because nothing should be introduced in them. Then place pieces of toilet paper on the mask you have on your face.

When we have placed toilet paper all over our face, we apply another layer of mask. When you are done with this second layer, let it dry. You must keep it on until it is completely hard. At this point, you will remove it. You will feel as if you are peeling off a mask.

Finally, rinse your face, and use your regular facial products, such as cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. This activated carbon and egg mask traps organic elements. This means that it suppresses any impurities you may have in your skin, leaving it clean and soft.

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