This Is What Hair Needs in Autumn and Winter

Caps, scarves, cold: In autumn and winter our hair is much more stressed. The constant friction with accessories that are supposed to keep us warm also attack the hair structure. What helps against that? Twice the care! And with what? We will tell you here!

This Is What Hair Needs in Autumn and Winter
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How do I best care for my hair in autumn and winter?

In autumn and winter, several factors lead to hair becoming more brittle and brittle. While heated air draws moisture from the hair and lets it dry out, the hair structure is attacked by the constant friction with scarves and caps. The result: split ends, hair book, and slackness. To prevent this from happening to our mane, we have collected a few tips on how to care for winter hair and exchanged ideas with experts.

Wash your hair less in winter

Because too much contact with water deprives the hair of its natural and important protective film. It is better to wash your hair every two days, but then with rich care.

In winter, wear a braided plait under your cap

To avoid friction with caps and scarves, simply braid your hair into a plait. Thus it remains protected. If you want to wear the hair open again after removing the cap, you can braid the hair rather loosely, so that no kinks or too dull waves are created. A deep bun also helps!

Moisture masks and the right styling

Expert Vera Koch, Vice President of Global Marketing at eSalon, told us in an interview that products for dry hair in winter are ideal for creating shine, but also for preventing frizz, which can often be a problem in the cold and wet season.

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What is the optimal hair care in autumn/winter?

The cold weather causes our hair a lot of trouble. Now it is important to care for the hair intensively and to supply it with as much moisture as possible. So in autumn and winter, you should definitely choose a shampoo and conditioner, especially for dry hair!

What are the best anti-frizz tricks?

The fight against frizz starts with the right styling! After washing your hair, continue with a leave-in conditioner that smoothes the hair and provides it with sufficient moisture. This is the best basis for frizz-free hair. This not only calms the strands but also creates a smooth and supple look.

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