What is The Difference Between Day and Night Cream?

If you stand in front of the shelf for creams in a drugstore, you see There are different care products for day and night. This raises the question: Does our skin really need different care during the day than at night?

These care products are optimally adapted to the biorhythm of the skin. While the cells of the skin are occupied during the day with the defense of disturbing environmental influences, cell renewal follows in the nightly active regeneration phase.

Day cream should protect, night cream should renew

The daycare forms the basis for the whole day, which is often associated with stress for the skin – due to UV rays, dust particles, and other environmental influences. Many day creams, therefore, contain UV protection.

Modern-day care products catch free radicals, which can be released for example by UV jets. Since day creams also often serve as a make-up base, they must also be quickly absorbed by the skin.

Night creams are much richer in their formulation than day creams. They support the renewal process of the skin during sleep and channel active agents such as vitamins and minerals into the skin in concentrated form.

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The cream must match the skin

Day and night cream should be adapted to the respective skin type – like normal, dry, sensitive, or oily skin.

On the basis of the list of ingredients to determine whether it concerns a care product for the night or the day, is however hardly possible. In this case, one has to rely on the addition “day” or “night” on the packaging.

Translated and adapted by Limepedia staff.

Sources: Fitforfun